Conceptual frameworks for operations

Development of the health impact assessment system for Thailand under the concept of health system reform; the conceptual frameworks of health impact assessment in Thailand operated under four important frameworks as follows.

  1. Development of suitable analytical framework by determining the process and guidelines for health impact assessment and development of healthy public policy suitable for the Thai social context
  2. Design of institutional framework for development and extension of the operations for healthy public policy and health impact assessment leading to rules and regulations for actual implementation in Thailand
  3. Creating critical mass to mobilize the public policy process and the health impact assessment system
  4. Enabling the environment contributing to the operations which is to create a suitable environmental context that facilitates mobilization of public policy development and the health impact assessment system to raise a wide range of social awareness and realization.

The Health Impact Assessment Research Center will produce and support operations of research in health impact assessment based on the abovementioned frameworks.